Valentine's Day gifts for him

Valentines day is almost here and it’s the most romantic day of the year… until you end up basically like this

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I'll try to enjoy this day with my girls. Friends are one of life's greatest gifts. Invite a few over and rent a sappy movie like "Fifty Shades of Grey",
or do something to make you feel good. Take a long bubble bath. Try a glorious new hair products. Buy a new lipstick. Give yourself a pedicure. Show yourself how much you value you.

For him

Want to show your boyfriend how much you care this Valentine’s Day but can’t figure out what the best (and most boy-friendly) Valentine’s Day gift is? Take a look at the top 6 Valentine’s gifts for your boyfriend!


Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to splurge and get your boyfriend something he might never get for himself (but that you both can appreciate) like a nice perfume. I recommend :

Video Game

You know what’s really romantic? Paying attention to what your boyfriend is interested in. 
The best part about getting a video game for your guy is playing it together. Spend some quality time in front of the TV playing a new game !



If you want all of his friends to be saying “you seriously have the best girlfriend ever ”, tickets to his favorite sporting event or music concert are the way to go.  You’ll get to share something special to him together, and what’s better than that? 

Head to Victoria's Secret

To ensure a smile on his face this V-day, I recommends wearing hot underwear that he has never seen before. Let’s be real, what makes him happier or you feel sexier than a new, lacy bra ;) ?

VS underwear (here)

Coupon box 

It’s true, coupon books are hardly a new concept, but what guy doesn’t want his Valentine’s gift to last all year?  Make him a coupon book for things like fresh-baked cupcakes, a movie night or a massage - and feel free to spice it up!


“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, or so the saying goes. Put the theory to the test and go out on the town or make something special he won’t forget like heart-shaped pizza. Also, if your boyfriend is up for it, cook dinner together—it will be surprisingly sexy to see your guy move around the kitchen.

other V-day recipes (here)

Be grateful girls !

We know we can all get a little carried away with a Valentine’s Day fantasy. But even if you spent the past three weeks dreaming of sailing on a yacht with your boyfriend or opening a Tiffany’s box, be appreciative if he gives you a teddy bear. We're not talking being understanding if he forgets the day altogether, but V-Day can be a little stressful for everyone, so make sure to acknowledge the effort he makes—you'll have more fun, and he’ll be thankful to have such an appreciative girlfriend!


  1. can't believe you don't have a boyfriend. are all boys in your town blind or stupid or you just have such high standards nobody can meet them?

  2. Richtig süße Ideen :) Schade, dass der Valentinstag schon vorbei ist, aber trotzdem danke für die Inspiration!

    Liebe Grüße ♥
    PS: Ich würde mich freuen, wenn du bei meiner Blogvorstellung teilnehmen würdest:

  3. really good ideas but luckily, my boyfriend and I hate valentinesday, so I don't have to worry about buying presents.

    xo. thu thuy of xRubyliXious

    ps: I started a MakeUp Challenge would be nice if you'll join it.


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