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Happy saturday everyone! 
So here is my first blog post after almost 4 months. Because of my long absence, I couldn't wish you a Happy New Year. So here it is: 
Wishing you a H.N.Y with hope that you'll have many blessings and successes. A new year is like a blank book. The pen is in your hand, so it's your chance to write a beautiful story for yourself.(fuckin philosophic) And thank you so much for your support from the last year.  I always look forward to comments and feedbacks and in the next few months I'll probably make another Giveaway, in appreciation for your support. So stay tuned! 

Now I wonder why I'm actually stopped blogging, and probably there are several explanations - No more desire ? High discontent and simply haven't any time and ideas ? - a bit of everything, I think. 
Every Blogger knows how time consuming every little blogpost is and no outsider could ever imagine how many hours are really behind a single one. 
But why I'm startng to blogging again ? - Well,  because of the fun factor. When I'm in the act of doing, then time flies instantly and I forget all the worries. Above all, because I'm a good girl ;), who never goes to parties every weekend (No kidding)  I could cover a whole day with this occupation. 
But to be honest, I went a bet with a friend. He said if I did not manage to blog at least twice a month, then he could film me dancing or singing. Of course I'll try everything to spoil his fun and have to blog!
And that's how it came that I've rummaged through my mom's wardrobe and found this awesome pink coat ! She has been owning this for nearly 20 years! Gosh I love it ... but unfortunately I can't wear something fancy like that in a worst-of-taste-village as mine. People would definetely look askant at me. 


Pink Coat - (similar | here) | Sweater - Zara | Ripped Jeans - H&M | Bag - Zara 


Basic tanktop/Bag/Scarf - H&M | Stretch Pants - Miss Anna | Shoes - Nike | Glasses - ZeroUV |

Which outfit do you like best?

Thank you so much for reading !

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